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2022 - 2023 Snowmobile Registrations

Jason M Grob | Published on 8/28/2022

Selecting area 28 designated for Kootenai county will help contribute towards snow grooming costs. Kootenai county groomer stickers are also required and can be purchased for $15. Purchase locations: Recreation building 10905 N. Ramsey Rd, Super 1 Hayden, or contact us.

Idaho snowmobile registrations

Resident 1 year $45.50

Rental snowmobile 1 year $75.50

Resident 2 year $89.50

Non-Resident 1 year $59.50

Rental snowmobile 1 year $75.50

Non-Resident 2 year $117.50 

Snowmobile registration fee breaks down
2.00 for Search and Rescue
1.00 for Avalanche awareness
1.00 for IDPR
1.50 for Vender fee

Of the remaining 85% goes to designated area grooming program.

From the 85% of the grooming program fund, 15% can be used for Law enforcement.

15% is allocated for administrative use. Any unused administrative funds, go back into the grooming program.

Idaho Parks and Recreation            Groomer Sticker