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Orin has been our president since 2015. We appreciate all the work Orin has done for us. Don't think this is just an administrative role for Orin, you're more likely to find him out riding with the Club on any given weekend. He enjoys trail riding with the club, and also has skills to transverse the backcountry on his sled. Orin has a true passion for the sport and we are fortunate to have him as a friend and riding buddy! 



Newly elected this year, 2019, after our previous V.P. moved from the area, Randy has stepped up to this position after being a club member for 27 years. He has previously assisted as Membership Director, so we look forward to his further contributions to the club. He enjoys backcountry riding and is always lending a helping hand!


We are lucky to have Bev as a club Officer. She keeps us organized and does a significant amount of volunteer work for the cause. She has been our Treasurer since 2005. She and her husband, Steve, are also active in the North Idaho ATV Club.  They have been riding these the North Idaho trails for years, in all seasons, and are very knowledgeable about the area. If you ever have a question about the area , or need a ride suggestions, the Powers should be the first to ask!!


SECRETARY:Heather Waites



WARMING HUTS: Kevin Waites


TRAILS: Dale Adickes

Dale is an experienced rider and is a wealth of knowledge. He attends the local Groomer Meetings and shares this information with the club. We truly enjoy his sense of humor and with his mad carpenter skills, our warming huts & wood sheds are BUILT TO LAST! We appreciate all of his expertise and hard work, and think he is invaluable to the our club!!


Steve was born and raised in North Idaho. He knows many of the Idaho rules and regulations for both ATV's & Snowmobiles. For many years, he and his wife Bev (Treasurer), volunteer many hours for our club and also the North Idaho ATV Club. They keep our club running smooth and do what it takes to protect public access to lands. Steve is the guy who leads our CLUB NIGHT RIDE which is a great time and something we all look forward too!!


Donna is probably one of the first person you meet when you go riding with the club. She is outgoing, thoughtful, caring and rips on her sled. She has been unanimously voted into this position for multiple seasons, because she is so good. She has held most all positions in this club, including President. She has been volunteering her time for years. She and her husband, Dale have a ton of knowledge and experience in the sport, and heck, they are just plain fun to go riding with too!!



Joe will be retiring for this position and will be greatly missed and we thank him for all of his efforts and years with the club. His passion for keeping our public lands open, and staying informed about our local lands issues, has been a great asset to our club. Joe is also the Region 1 Director, Idaho State Snowmobile Association (ISSA). If you are interested in this position, please contact Orin Moses.



Jason is out riding whenever possible and truly loves the SNOW! He has many years riding in the cold winters of Michigan, so when he relocated to North Idaho, he was excited to learn he now lives in one of the most beautiful winter wonderlands.He took the webmasters position in 2018 to help out the club. His goal is to keep the site current and relevant. He will listen, and wants suggestions for improvement for the website and Facebook Group Page. 




Cheryl is the one who sends your renewals letters and welcomes you to our club by email. She also posts our Facebook Events and assists with the website. She and Jason (Webmaster), moved here from Michigan. Coming from that cold tundra, they are well acclimated to the North Idaho weather. They volunteer with wood cutting, snow shows and whatever else they can assist with. They are on the trails most weekends, so say 'hi' when you see them!